Saturday, August 1, 2009

a little birdie made me do it

So today the danger bean and I went to the fabulously horrible never to be eaten again in this lifetime chinese buffet that is a mere 5 minute walk from our house. As I was pushing his stroller through the restaurant to escape the disaster that had been lunch this little Indian woman reaches out to the stroller as we near her table. I dutifully pull the stroller over because I am all about making peoples lives a little bit brighter by letting them ogle the bean. She reaches out and I am all like woah shes actually going to touch him, do I stop her, should I smack her hand and then run leaving her to cry over her soggy rice noodles? Turns out she is only covering his pretty pink little feet that are peeking out from under his blankie. She then says (looking at him) and I quote "he is so pretty, he is so pretty, I love you, he is my friend" I felt like I should probably give her a hug or something but I settled for patting her on the shoulder and telling her to have a wonderful day. Needless to say this made the whole dreadful bit of dank sewage that was our lunch totally worth it and I smiled the whole way home.

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