Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Stinky diary

Tonight I watched what just may be my favoritest movie ever in the history of favorite movies. I wish I could say it was some weird and old classic film that would somehow make me more cool for having it be my favorite, or perhaps some cult classic that only a few people would know what I was talking about. Hell no its a mother fucking will ferrel movie bitches.

Stranger Than Fiction. I am not totally sure why the damned movie moves me quite so much but it does, every single damned time. I think this was my fifth time seeing it and its just as powerful as the first time I saw it. I know a lot of its the love story part of the movie. I just wanna cry every time he brings her the box of flours and simply says "I want you". I mean that simple phrase and gesture says everything and says it with so much fucking vulnerability and yearning. I love it! And oh my goodness miss maggie G is so balls out hot and spunky and weird, she makes me wanna bake cookies with her, naked of course with lots of sprinkles and peanut butter. I think she would totally be into that.

I watched it with the Mama as we both drank bad wine and ate cold pizza and laughed and wanted to cry. it was good shit. We went out to the back porch with our crappy wine and smoked cigs and laughed about the movie. Most times she drives me crazy but then we have moments like that where everything clicks and its happy fun time. I like those times.

tomorrow we are gonna watch what just might be my second most favoritest movie ever which is Waitress. Which oddly enough makes me wanna bake too but this time its pies pies pies.

haha I am such a big hairy pussy. I love my romantic movies they make me feel good and happy and warm.

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